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Do you know what “Wi-Fi” stands for?

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I was watching Cash Cab [1], one of my favorite shows on Discovery Channel yesterday. One of the questions the host asked was “What is the full form of the abbreviation Wi-Fi [2]?” I thought I knew this for a second… yes it stands for Wireless Internet… then on second thought in a split second it did not make sense to me. I was surprised and angry that I did not know what “Fi” stands for. My guess was as good as that of the passengers in the cab and they got a second strike on that question…..

Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidilety according to the host of Cash cab. I was disappointed that I did not know such a simple thing after hearing this abbreviation for umpteen number of times. I did some research about this to know from background and it surprised me that the host was not entirely correct, read on, you will also know why:

Wi-Fi stands for nothing. It is a brand name, coined by a brand consulting firm called Interbrand Corporation that had been hired by the Alliance to determine a name that was “a little catchier than ‘IEEE 802.11b Direct Sequence’ [2]. Wi-Fi suggests wireless fidelity (Fidelity: to adhere to promises) and this slogan/meaning is not in use anymore.

A couple of more Fi’s:
1. Hi-Fi stands for High Fidelity
2. Sci-Fi stands for Science Fiction

1. Cash Cab.
2. Wi-Fi: Wikipedia.
3. Interbrand: Wikipedia.

Written by cavemansblog

May 25, 2009 at 12:41 am

7 Responses

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  1. It stands for “Wireless Fidelity” and yes, it is a coined term like Wii that means nothing


    May 7, 2010 at 10:40 am

  2. what d hell???!!!!


    June 27, 2010 at 11:34 pm

  3. Thought it stood for wireless free internet….. hmmmmm.


    August 16, 2010 at 1:44 pm

  4. you guys r all wrong. it stands for wireless internet for idiots


    August 21, 2010 at 8:33 am

  5. Just had an argument with Vodafone “technical” support about this exact subject – who went with the wireless fidelity option, while I went with fiction as mine doesn’t work.

    This was straight after a long chat about firmware being so named as it was between the hardware and the software. I suggested if they fiddled with it long enough it may get to be hardware, but at the moment it was looking more on the soft side.


    September 24, 2012 at 10:26 am

  6. Wi-Fi, whatever it stands for simply means
    an electronic device that allows data or
    information to be exchanged using radio

    Thank you


    October 4, 2012 at 12:05 pm

  7. That was described excellent about What Does Wifi Stand for


    December 5, 2015 at 5:22 am

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