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Bing the new bling is live !!!

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It really bothers me when I try to search for something, cant find it and will have to try numerous permutations of search patterns to find the answer I need. Enough ! with the learning of how to search. I am really tired of it and would like to see the search engines to be more intuitive in helping me to refine my searches.

Enter Bing, the new bling !!!

Bing stands for But It’s Not Google (not sure if this is official). Kudos to Microsoft for coming up with what seems to be a wonder decision engine. Bing was presented to the world for display for the first time last Thursday. Finally we have a search engine a.k.a decision engine that would return more than just blue links. Bing seems to be a nice concoction of the following search engines: Regular, News, Travel , Health, Local and shopping search engines.

I call Bing the new bling because of the potential it has in making a lot of Ad revenue for Microsoft. I think Microsoft did a very clever upgrade to its LIVE search and can’t wait to get a hands on experience with this rich search engine on June 3rd when it is made public. In the mean while check out the cool video presentation of Bing in action here.

We all understand that it is not just enough to have a great product in your shelf. All that matters is; how deep can Bing penetrate into rivals territory? With a wonderful product like this I am more than positive that this will happen soon. There is no doubt that this is a major improvement over the current version of MS-Search a.k.a Live. Getting this product out into the market is the easiest part, it will be a very tough task to coax people to start using Bing instead of Google. With a well placed awareness campaign and an appealing advertising strategic (not like the dumb PC- Apple ads) this can be achieved.

Update: 06/01/09 – 9:00 pm

Bing is live now and it is as good as it was in the preview video. After the first few search’s, I have already started liking the quick view, the related searches, advanced search options and the search history sections on the results page. My searching experience has definitely gotten more richer today and refining the results got much simpler. If you have not tried binging yet, I am sure you will soon enough. Happy Binging !

A couple of other features that might give more mileage would be 1) to let users who to save their searchs, 2) to let the users to bookmark the desired results. Just think about it how many times would you have searched for the same thing over and over again. Saving the search results and bookmarking will totaling eliminate this headache. This way the user is kinda forced to not leave the Bing for another search engine, coz of the saved stuff 🙂

The way the results are presented is very impressive. The results page has the following features:

1. Best MatchProvides useful links and information for definitive sites.
2. Quick Preview – Summarizes a Web site at a glance, before the searcher clicks through to the site.
3. Instant Answers – Serves up information within search results, eliminating the need to click on anything.
4. xRankLets you quickly see if your favorite celebrity is hot or not.
5. Quick TabsTailors search results with one click.
6. Related SearchesOffers a list of queries that are relevant to your topic; in this case, a search for U2 delivers some of the band’s popular videos in the search results page.
7. Rich Listing ResultsOffers a quick snapshot of information relevant to your decision, such as restaurant location, phone number, one-click directions and menu.
8. Sentiment ExtractionBing summarizes user and expert reviews from across the Web to help you make an informed decision.
9. Hotel Rate KeyUses a color-coded rating system that indicates whether the current rate for a specific hotel appears to be a deal.
10. HealthBing provides access to medical information on symptoms, diagnosis and medical procedures from nine trusted medical resources.
11. TravelShows the best deals on flights and hotel accommodations so you can make informed decisions about your travel arrangements.

On a lighter note: What does Chandler in Friends and Microsoft Search have in Common? Answer: Bing !!!, it appears as though the person instrumental in naming this searching engine, is also a big fan of the character “Chandler Bing” [2] in the famous TV sitcom Friends [3].

1. Bing Visual Presskit
2. Chandler Bing
3. Friends – Wikipedia


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