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Dotnet: Automatic properties

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In this blog post I will show you how Automatic properties (Auto-implemented Properties) are reinterpreted by the compiler. Automatic properties is a new coder friendly style introduced by Microsoft since Dotnet 3.0. I will directly quote what Microsoft has to say about these properties: Auto-implemented properties make property-declaration more concise when no additional logic is required in the property accessors. They also enable client code to create objects. When you declare a property as shown in the following example, the compiler creates a private, anonymous backing field that can only be accessed through the property’s get and set accessors [1]. Following is an Employee class with a property.

    public class employee
        //Auto-Implemented property
        public string Name { get; set; }

The above code will be reinterpreted by the compiler as follows (I was able to extract this code using DotNet Reflector):

    public class employee
        // Fields
        private string k__BackingField;

        // Properties
        public string Name
                return this.k__BackingField;
                this.k__BackingField = value;

This is basically old school style of defining properties, only made easier syntactically. So the bottom line is that the auto-implemented properties will:

1. automatically creates a hidden field.
2. automatically creates a getter that returns the field.
3. automatically creates a setter that assigns the field.

1. MSDN: Auto-Implemented Properties


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March 25, 2011 at 11:38 am

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