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Ignite 2016 – Adobe and Microsoft partner on Azure

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Adobe and Microsoft Corp. announced plans for a strategic partnership to help enterprise companies embrace digital transformation and deliver compelling, personalized experiences through every phase of their customer relationships. Together, the two companies will enable businesses to dramatically strengthen their brands through solutions with Microsoft Azure, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365 [1]

Having successfully completed a few Digital Transformation initiatives in the past and present for a few brands and also working with a Salesforce partner to integrate SFMC with Azure cloud base systems, I am curious learn more about the Adobe Marketing Cloud platform and understand how it is different from Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) integration. Very exciting indeed !

My curiosity with this announcement is specifically around the Adobe Marketing Cloud and Azure as its preferred cloud platform. Cloud marketing is the process of an organisations efforts to market their goods and services online through integrated digital experiences, by which they are specialized for every single end user.[2]

There are several popular marketing cloud platforms from companies such as Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle and IBM, available at this time for businesses who intend to implement and make progress with their digital transformation/disruption efforts. Joining the customers on a one-one journey to personalize, interact and communicate with the customer at the an appropriate time using predictive intelligence seems to be next step big step with employing marketing cloud clouds.


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September 27, 2016 at 9:49 pm

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BCP: export data to azure database

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BCP (bulk copy program) is a great way to transfer huge data (millions of rows) to an Azure database. I found that it is very efficient in terms of ease of use and speedy with which the data could be transferred. The bcp utility is a command line utility that ships with Microsoft SQL Server. It bulk copies data between SQL Azure (or SQL Server) and a data file in a user-specified format. The bcp utility that ships with SQL Server 2008 R2 is fully supported by SQL Azure.

Following are the steps to use this utility to export the data to a flat file and then exporting the data to the Azure database:

  • Copy data from customer table into a temp table
    • select * into [temp_employee] from employee
  • Copy data to local file from a table in a local database.
    • BCP [server_name].[database_name].[schema_name].[temp_employee] OUT c:\temp\employee.txt -T –c
  • Create the temp table in the destination database in the cloud
  • Copy data into the azure database.
    • BCP [azure_database_name].[schema_name].[employee] IN c:\temp\employee.txt -S; -U <username>@<servername> -P <password>

Following is a sample of the Bulk copy output form the command window for reference. The most interesting aspect to observer is that data transfer rate stood at 5206 rows per second for this particular attempt. I believe that higher transfers could be a possibility depending on the available network bandwidth.

Exporting Data out of SQL Azure

Data can be retrieved in a a huge set from the in SQL Azure by running the following statement at the Windows command prompt:

bcp [database_name].[schema_name].[table_name] out C:\temp\[file_name].txt -c -U username@servername -S -P password


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September 27, 2014 at 8:07 pm