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PMP Certification – Lessons Learned

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In this post I am writing about my lessons learned from the PMP certification process. I have passively started my preparation 8 months prior to taking the exam by paying a lot of attention to the project management processes implemented at my work place. This helped me later in relating the theory to the actual implementation. Then came the expensive boot camp, which was useful for me because I am more like the classroom kinda guy. But you can easily find quite a few inexpensive and quality PMP Ed services on the web. Here is the concise version of my Lessons learned:

Study Plan and Material

Preparation: 4 months; Studying with a friend helped a lot (killed the boredom). We scheduled the exam on the same day and got certified.

Boot camp: Edwel; Instructor: Richard Perrin; He is an awesome dude. A staff member from Edwel helped me a lot with the application submission process

Books: Rita Mulcahy, Edwel Notes, PMBOK; In this order, reading the PMBOK guide at the end helped in grasping the dry material in that book.

Exams: Lehmann (62%), Simplilearn (70%), Edwel (75 – 80%), PMZilla 25 tough (68%), Exam central (82%), Rita (80% avg), PM Study (4 exams – 80 %) . Taking the practice exams at the public library was my strategy to getting used to the Prometric environment. It took me about 6 hours every time in writing the exam, scoring and then reviewing the exam.

Cheat sheet: ITTOs, Formulas, HR theories.

Additional material: Rajesh Nair notes (the best concise material I was able to find – Thank You sir!!!), ITTO acronyms.

Web resources : PMZilla, Deep Fried Brain, PM Prepcast, Youtube (Sir Ganttalot, Praizion, CorneliusFichtner)

Exam Experience

Thoroughly understanding and then memorizing the ITTO’s helped me to recreate the process flow during the exam. I was able to write down the ITTO acronyms in 15 minutes before the actual exam which gave me a sense of confidence, however I did not have to refer much to my notes during the exam. The exam questions seemed to be easy but were tricky. I had to concentrate very hard at carefully reading and understanding the lengthy questions. PM Study exams were the closest to the real exam (I wish they were a little more tougher). I finished answering all questions in 3:15 hrs, used the remaining 45 mins to review 50 questions. After a few nervous moments I was happy when I saw that I am a PMP.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and learned a lot about how PMI suggests that project be management and implemented.

Best wishes.

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January 14, 2012 at 9:52 pm