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How to: Web application architecture – Part 1

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This is a multi-part blog post that will detail the process of architecting a web application. The first part of this article is a list of terms that one might want to be familiar with,when designing a web application. I have tried to structure this glossary based on the design needs of a web application in general and promise to update this list as and when I can remember more.

Project Scope


Source Control tool (Subversion, TFS, Visual Source safe, IBM Clearcase)

Bug/Issue tracker (HP Quality Center, IBM Clear Quest, JIRA, etc)

Infrastructure Solution, Code Solution, DB Solution

Data security and compliance (SSL, encryption, web service authentication, etc)

Core Framework

Application Scalability

Smoke testing (Selenium, etc)

Stress test (VSTS, Silk, MS – Web stress tool, etc)

Continuous Integration (Hudson, Cruise Control, etc)

Content Management, Search engine optimization, Analytics,

Infrastructure: Web Servers, DB Servers, Back office servers, CDN, etc

Production/Mock deployment environment: DNS, Firewall, Load Balancer, Sticky Session audit, failover, mail.

Deployment Process

Hudson Production Job

Rollback on failed deployment

SQL Merge / change script