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C# Copy Constructor

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C# does not provide a copy constructor by default. We have to write an appropriate constructor method that will create a new object and to copy the values from an existing object. This implementation is nothing like the C++ copy constructor.

If we need a copy of an object we can use cloning techniques.

This method has to be called explicitly.

Note: “A shallow copy creates a new instance of the same type as the original object, and then copies the non-static fields of the original object. If the field is a value type, a bit-by-bit copy of the field is performed. If the field is a reference type, the reference is copied but the referred object is not; therefore, the reference in the original object and the reference in the clone point to the same object. In contrast, a deep copy of an object duplicates everything directly or indirectly referenced by the fields in theobject.”

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January 28, 2008 at 9:20 pm