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SQL Server: Size of a Table and Database

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We can use sp_spaceused, a system stored procedure, to know the size of a table or a database. Here is a sample usage on a table. sp_spaceused displays the number of rows, disk space reserved, and disk space used by a table, indexed view, or Service Broker queue in the current database, or displays the disk space reserved and used by the whole database.

sp_spaceused 'Employee'

We can use sp_msForEachTable in combination with sp_spaceused to iterate over all the tables and list the corresponding size of each table of a given database. The sample query lists the attributes of the 2 tables that exist in my sample database.

EXEC sp_msForEachTable 'EXEC sp_spaceused ''?'''

The following example summarizes space used in the current database and uses the optional parameter @updateusage to ensure current values are returned for the Demo database.

EXEC sp_spaceused @updateusage = N'TRUE';

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