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File upload – attachment size validation

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Restricting the size of a file upload is an important validation that needs to be performed by an online application so avoid the risk of filling up the server disk space by a malicious intent. ASP.Net provides an upload control that only provides a server side validation of file size. By the time the control validates the size of the uploaded file, the physical file would have been already been copied to the server, which is tool late in avoiding the issue.

Client side technologies comes to the rescue in this scenario, where the validation of an attachment size can be implemented using a browser run-time like Flash, Silverlight, ActiveX, HTML5 etc. This way, if attempts were made to upload files with unsupported sizes, the run-time plug-in can thwart the attempt without any impact on your web server. Following are two free tools that can be employed for this purpose:

  • SWFUpload is a flash based tool.
  • PLUpload is a versatile plugin that can support multiple run-times. This plugin slices a large file in small chunks and will send them out one by one to the server. You can then safely collect them on the server and combine into the original file. The size of the chunks and the acceptable file formats can be defined in the plugin UI definition.

We have implemented PLUpload with good success. This plugin also support multiple file uploads. Visit the plugin homepage to see the other rich features that are supported. The online forum is a treasure trove, where you can find the various implementations, code snippets and will be able to participate in contributing to the community.


1. SWFUpload
2. PLUpload
3. PLUpload Forums

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February 20, 2013 at 10:02 am